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Website Building

Building an optimized website for your target audience is one of the best ways to get free traffic and leads. That is why I offer to not just build your website, but also improve your SEO so that more eyeballs get to see your website.


Marketing is the life blood of any business. That is why I will get to know your business, target audience and competitors, so I can create a marketing plan tailored specifically to you. Optimizing the process and choosing the right channels.


Need writing of any sort for your website, emails, or ads? Well I got you covered. Writing the right words which are engaging and persuasive is what converts a prospect into a customer happy to buy and is what builds powerful brands.

Grow Online and Capture More Prospects

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Did you know that in 2023 only 73% of businesses have a website?        While  81% of shoppers will research a business online before making a purchase. 

That means that 27% of businesses don’t have a website  to capture those 81 % of shoppers. And even more of them haven’t optimized their website to actually be able to capture those shoppers’attention and be able to sell them their products. While even less have performed the proper SEO and marketing, so that they can bring the largest of those shoppers to their website. You might be one of these people. It might be because you think it’s too expensive, you don’t think you have the technical know how or maybe you just don’t think that you need one.

However, that is why I do any and all online services for growing your business at a price you can afford and tailored to the specific needs your business might have. Now lets work together


Do you Want To Grow Your Business Online?

The Four Steps That Grow Your Presence Online

1. Questionnaire and Quote

The first thing on the list is to get to know your business, products, services, target audience and competitors-. To do this I will ask you a number of questions as well as do my own research afterwards. During this time I will also give you a quote and a .

My minimum project fee is $200, but depending on the size of the project this price can go up.

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2. Optimizing Your Website

If you desire a complete online revamp then we will start by creating a new website for you or optimizing one you already have. I will create a new design for your website, organize it so it can receive traffic, and perform SEO on it so it can rank better on searches which will lead to more free traffic. 

After all of that you will be able to review it, and we will adjust it together so that it suits your business. However, if their is a technical change that I do not believe is optimal then I will try to convince you not to do that, as my #1 goal is to bring you more money.

3.Creating a Marketing Plan

We know that every business is different, as such we create a different marketing plan specific to yours. With the questions in the questionnaire and with my research I would have all the information necessary to create a marketing strategy suited for you. Whether that means using google ads, Facebook ads,  e-mail campaigns or enhancing your brand awareness all these are taken into account, but they might not all be used.

At the end with the draft you and I will work together to do some final tweaks before I start any campaigns.                                         

digital marketing analysis of data

4. Enhancing Your Conversions with Copy

The final step is enhancing the copy of your website and your ads as we get data from what has already been built. This increases the conversions of both your ads and of your website as we optimize as we learn more about what is and isn’t working. I am also careful to use the most engaging and persuasive words we are also able to increase your sales.

At this point the foundation has been set and if you desire any more services like landing pages, sales letters, e-mails, product descriptions then I would be more then happy to continue working with help you to hit the revenue goals you have made.

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