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99% of Customers Find a Local Business Online

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Those are some crazy high numbers. Almost all prospects find  you through the internet. That is why you need to start running ads that capture the attention of those people. To do this you have to ask questions like:  What does your customer desire? What questions are they entering when they search? Where is it that they spend their time online? Where is it that they usually find out about you? Where do they usually find out about businesses similar to yours?

A good marketing campaign reaches and gets clicks from your target audience. To do this you don’t just send out ads at random, but instead choose the channels that your target audience uses the most and advertise the most. It’s not always cheap, but in the long run it will bring in more money then you spent

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The Three Steps to Science Based Campaigns

1. Getting to Know Your Brand and Research

The first step in the process is to get to know your brand, customers and competitors. To do this I will ask you a few questions as well as do research myself on your competitors and target audience.

If possible I would also like to hop on calls with your previous customers to ask them questions in a way that doesn’t seem like an interrogation.

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2. Choosing the Channel & Keywords

After doing research I will choose the channels that have the highest amounts of your target audience and start ad campaigns on those. To further this I will also do keyword research to find which keywords would have the best conversions.

This is the point in which the first draft of the marketing plan is completed and we will be able to revise together what it is would best help build your brand and increase revenue.

3.Writing the Ads & measuring Performance

The final step in the process is writing the ads and tracking the performance. This is the most important step because this is the step that shows whether or not your ads are going to give you more money then you spent.

Thankfully with analytic tools I will be able to find the good ads from the bad ones, so that all your advertising money gets spent on the ads that are giving you more money then you put in

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