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I work with small to medium sized businesses to help increase their revenue through writing copy that doesn’t make you want to take a nap. But instead makes your prospects want to actually take action.

99% of Customers Find a Local Business Online

When it comes to making money online copy is the most important thing because it’s what actually convinces your prospects to buy from you. And when it comes to making money that most important thing is having a good online presence because that’s where most of your prospects are actually going to find out about you.

That is why when I write copy I don’t just guess what works, but instead do research to find out what will attract your specific customers. That way we only attract the type of people that you want (the ones that actually buy). And I do this research by finding out previous copy that has worked, asking you questions about your customers, and joining groups online where they reside and learning their pains and desires.

So, do you want copy not based on wishy-washy ideas, but on actual facts?


What Can I Help With?

Web Copy

This is your home base online and is where most people find out about you. That’s why you have to make sure that your copy on your website is impeccable.

Landing Pages

If your writing Emails a or running ads you should be taking all that traffic to a landing page. This way you have a much higher chance of actually being able to sell them on what you want.

Sales Pages

I’ll make you sales page that actually makes sales, crazy right.  Because I actually research your target audience and find out their pains and desires, so I can write more persuasively and clearly to them.

Sales Letters

Sales letters are usually really loooooong.  That is why just besides doing my research I also format the different components in the letter  in a way that is most likely to get you slaes.


Emails can be a massive revenue source for any business because of the massive opportunity for you to connect with your customers. That is why I ask you a few questions, so I can really nail the tone of your Emails, to build that familiarity and make it easier to sell them.

Product Descriptions

This might be a bit harsh, but nobody actually cares about your products. Now let me explain, they care about what your product can do for them. That is why I make sure to in great detail explain the benefits, so that your prospects are more likely to buy.

Do you Want Copy That Actually Works?

The Three Steps to Science Based Copy

1. Getting to Know Your Brand and Research

The first step in the process is to get to know your brand, customers and competitors. To do this I will ask you a few questions as well as do research myself on your competitors and target audience.

If possible I would also like to hop on calls with your previous customers to ask them questions in a way that doesn’t seem like an interrogation.

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2. Actually Writing the Copy

This is the point where I actually write the copy. I take all the research from before and then write some copy that converts using persuasive and engaging content. 

I then choose the right format and structure it in a way that will get the most conversions for you. And depending on your preference I can also make it SEO friendly.

3. Getting your Opinion

This is the final step and this is when you finally review the copy and tell me if there are any edits that you would like me to make. And it is also when the final changes are made.

However, my #1 goal is to make you the most money possible, so that means if there is a change you want to make that I believe that will go against that goal I will advise you not to make it. 

Now if you want to get personalized copy made specifically made for your target audience and based on research then fill out the form down below.

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